• Hidran Pressure Sensor CalibratorPressure Sensor Calibrator

    Smart gas pressure sensors has an embedded microchip to send its data as digital signal. This device consists of a microprocessor and EEPROM in order to save calibration data.
    Mass calibration is a need for sensor manufacturers. Designed system can calibrate up to 64 sensors simultaneously.

    • 8 Card slot expansion for optional I/O
    • USB 2.0 PC interface
    • Full access DLL interface
    • Up to sensor Calibrate and write EEPROM data simultaneously
    • Hardware Self-Test
    • RS485 optional Interface
    • 3 Calibration Card modules included
    • 1 GPIO Card module with Relay driver included
    • Real-time clock and calendar with backup battery
    • Full access to hardware C# .dll file
    • Real-Time calibration
    • Automotive sensor manufacturers
    • Test and calibration for digital smart sensors

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